Gills racial victimisation fines appeal rejected

Gillingham FC chairman, Paul Scally Credit: PA

The FA has rejected an appeal by Gillingham FC and chairman Paul Scally after they were fined £75,000 for 'race victimisation.'

The sanction followed a tribunal in 2012 in which former Gills striker Mark McCammon won an unfair dismissal claim. The tribunal also ruled that his dismissal was an act of racial victimisation.

As a result Mr Scally and the club were fined. The FA Board has reduced the fine to £50,000 for the club but upheld the original fine for the chairman.

At the time of the tribunal's ruling, the Gills put out a strongly worded statement refuting any accusation of racism.

There was no further comment from the club today other than to confirm that it is not considering and further appeal.

Former Gills striker, Paul McCammon Credit: PA

The tribunal has centred on an incident in 2011 when Mr McCammon said he had been ordered into training when other white players had been told they could stay at home during a period of heavy snow.

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