Man takes his wife's ashes to council to prove she's dead in row over £8.62p.

Mr Sagoo says he was hounded for just £8.62 Credit: ITV

A grieving husband says he was forced to take his wife's ashes to his council offices to prove she was dead. Shamsher Sagoo, from west Kent, says he was repeatedly hounded by his local Council for a housing benefit overpayment of £8.62p. The council sent numerous demands for the money, despite the fact his wife, Jeanette, had died.

Numerous demands for money had been addressed to Mr Sagoo's wife, who died in June at the age of 56 from aggressive endometrial cancer. Mr Sagoo from Edenbridge provided her death certificate - and would have been happy to return the overpayment - but the council wouldn't acknowledge her death.

Mr Sagoo says the council blunder added to the pain of losing his wife at the most difficult time - and hopes that lessons will be learned.

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