The first black rhino to be born in a British wild animal park's forty year history has given hope for the future of the critically endangered species.

The calf - a male - was born at Howletts Wild Animal Park near Canterbury. He does not have a name yet, but park attendants say that both he and his mother Damara are doing well.

Black rhino numbers in the wild have been decimated by poachers cashing in on lucrative horn sales in Asia, where the horns are thought to have medicinal benefits.

"We’ve been letting Damara and her baby out very early in the morning, before the park opens to the public, for the last few days. This is Damara’s first calf and she has a typical black rhino temperament, which means she is extremely protective, so we wanted to take things slowly and calmly, before formally introducing the little one to the general public."

Helen Rhodes, Hoofstock Keeper