Naked ambition as record attempt is made on roller coaster

Look no hands! Or indeed, clothes.... Credit: ITV Meridian

A world record attempt is being made today in Essex for the Most People Riding a Rollercoaster Naked.

Five years ago 102 thrill-streakers rode the Green Scream ride at Adventure Island on Southend seafront to raise over £20,000 for Southend Hospital’s Bosom Pals Appeal.

Now the fun park is hoping to top its record and raise even more cash for Southend Hospital.

This time money is being raised for Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation’s Keyhole Cancer Appeal, which is aiming to raise £600,000 to provide a new, state-of-the-art keyhole surgery theatre suite.

Credit: Adventure Island

“We’ve had an entire rugby team and a group of drama students contact us, which was very exciting! We’ve also got people travelling from Edinburgh, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Swindon just to take part. Funnily enough, we’ve had quite a few of the original thrill streakers from five years ago say they want to join in the new attempt – many of them cancer survivors who are a real inspiration."