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Dangerous levels of pollution found on the M25

Credit: PA

Highways England is expected to start monitoring pollution on the M25 after sections of the motorway in Kent were identified as having some of the highest levels of toxic gases in the country.

The section of road breaks EU rules for the toxic gas nitrogen dioxide and also exposes residents to high levels of particulate pollution.

Credit: PA

We take air pollution on the road network seriously and have an ambition that nobody on or near our roads should be harmed by poor air quality.

Between 2015 and 2021, we will be delivering £100million of investment in a wide range of projects to help tackle air quality on behalf of our customers and neighbours.

– Highways England spokesman

Highways England will be establishing a system of approximately 50 automatic air quality stations to measure nitrogen dioxide across the road network in England although final locations are yet to be finalised.

Commuters and professional drivers are thought to be at highest risk but it's thought that others living in villages along the length of the M25 through Kent could be at risk too.