Teenager died at French resort after apres-ski drinking session

Keiron Flux

A teenager from the Isle of Wight died from hypothermia after becoming disorientated following an apres-ski pub crawl at a French resort.

Kieron Flux, who was 18 and from Newport, went missing after a night out at the Val D'Isere resort in January.

He was staying with his father, Wayne and nine others in a chalet.

Friend Joseph Craig told an inquest in a statement that they hadinitially joined a pub crawl organised by the tour company reps but he had become separated from Mr Flux.

He said: "We caught the bus into the resort and joined a bar crawl organised by the reps."

Mr Craig added that Mr Flux, a plumber, had become involved in an argument outside one of the bars with a group from Wales. He said that he had held one of them back from attacking Mr Flux.

"They wanted a fight, I do not remember how it was resolved," he said. "Kieron went out for a cigarette. The same man who I held back punched me on the nose and left.

"Kieron saw me holding my nose and asked what had happened. Kieron went off, my only recollection was being back on the bus to the chalet. Kieron didn't come back that night but no-one missed him until the next morning."

The French ski resort of Val-d'Isere Credit: PA

Mr Flux's father said in his statement that Kieron had drunk about six bottlesof beer with dinner before he headed out.

He described how he got up in the night and saw someone sleeping on the sofa and he thought that it was his son but only later realised that it was someone else.

He said: "I thought he had struck lucky and found a girl and was sleepingit off."

Mr Flux said that after spending the morning on the slopes he returned to find his son had not come back and he raised the alarm with the chalet rep who contacted police, leading to searches being carried out in the area.

Mr Flux said that police took him to a CCTV control room and he was shownfootage of his son getting on to the shuttle bus alone but getting off at thewrong place.

His body was found by a search helicopter and Mr Flux was later taken to achapel of rest to identify his son.

He said: "He was frozen solid."

Recording a verdict of death by misadventure, the Isle of Wight Coroner, Caroline Sumeray, said that the cause of death was hypothermia contributed to by intoxication.