Police hunt dangerous dog in Guildford

Pewley Down Park Credit: Google Maps

A dangerous dog with a track record of biting strangers' bottoms is being hunted by police.

Officers are on the lookout for the dog after several people reported similar attacks.

It began when a man aged in his 40s was out jogging and was attacked by the dog which jumped up and bit him on his buttocks and chest. He was left with minor injuries.

Around the same time two women were walking around the nature park when a dog on a leash leapt up and bit one of them on her bottom.

Her companion was also bitten on her arm, damaging her coat but causing no injuries.

On this occasion the owners of the dog were described as a couple possibly aged in their 20s or 30s. The man was described as unshaven with dark brown hair tied back in a ponytail.

The woman is described to be of a large build with mousy blonde shoulder-length hair and wearing pastel coloured striped trousers.

Both dog attacks took place in Pewley Down Park in Guildford, Surrey, between 9am and 10am on November 11.