Portsmouth brothers jailed under Terrorism Act

Tuhin Shahensha and Mustakim Jaman have been jailed Credit: Hampshire Police

Two brothers from Portsmouth who planned to travel to Syria to carry out acts of terrorism have each been sentenced to six years behind bars.

Tuhin Shahensha aged 26, and Mustakim Jaman aged 23, both from Hudson Road in Southsea were found guilty at Kingston Crown Court last month under Section 5 of the Terrorism Act 2006 in connection with the preparation of terrorist acts.

During the trial the court heard that both Shahensha and Jaman had provided assistance to others to travel to Syria; and that they had made their bank accounts available to facilitate the transfer of money for terrorist purposes; and how Shahensha had purchased equipment and clothing and made plans to travel to Syria and engage in acts of terrorism.

The men were prosecuted by the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit and Counter Terrorism Unit.

“I hope this sends out a strong message to anyone considering engaging in terrorist activity.

Detective Chief Superintendent Richard Humphrey, Head of SECTU

In sentencing His Hon Judge Dodgson had this to say:

“The revulsion for ISIS was not so when your conduct began. Your support for acts of Terrorism during period remained. You both made reference to travel and fight. Shahensha, you clearly intended to fight by purchasing the items you did, although you did not carry this out. You Jaman, throughout 2013/14 period made many references of intending to go. Your newsnight interview clearly demonstrated support for your brothers’ activity.

His Hon Judge Dodgson