Elderly woman told extra support may be taken away - just 5 months after moving into new Kent flat

Peggy Coles, who's 93, only moved into sheltered housing in May Credit: ITV

An elderly woman sold her bungalow to move into sheltered housing in Whitstable - only to be told five months later that the services she relies on might be taken away.

Peggy Coles, who's 93, moved into her new flat because there would be staff on call to help 24-hours a day.

But Canterbury Council has known for the last four years that the funding it uses to pay for these staff is being withdrawn.

Mrs Coles is among 120 older people whose extra support could be cut.

Local campaigner Ida Linfield said that allowing elderly people to move in, knowing that the support may be taken away, is immoral:

Canterbury City Council said in a statement that its "enhanced sheltered schemes are not closing", but "in 2011, the county council set out its intentions to remove funding for enhanced schemes." And "as no decision has been taken to date by the council, no changes have been made to the designation of these services."

You can watch Abigail Bracken's full report below.