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Teenage entrepreneur employs himself as an apprentice to avoid education rules

Ben Towers Credit: ITV News

While most 17-year-olds are only beginning to think about their futures, one teenager from Kent is already well ahead in his career.

Ben Towers, from Gillingham, is running his own business with a team of employees, despite not being old enough to be able to leave full time education.

The solution he came up with was an unusual as it was inspired. Ben simply employed himself as his own apprentice to circumvent the rules.

Ben, a former Rainham Mark Grammar School pupil, is now about to move into new offices in Maidstone - and his business if going from strength to strength.

Ben was able to leave school by employing himself as an apprentice Credit: ITV News

Business is going really well. Since I've left school and been my own apprentice I've managed to do a lot that I wouldn't have been able to do.

I want to be able to grow a business a lot faster and do a lot more things with it and so I think it's quite motivating to actually run the business.

– Ben Towers, teenage entrepreneur

Ben has always had an entrepreneurial spirit; he set up his own digital media agency at eleven years old - specialising in website and graphic design and printing.

He now has a staff of fifteen, working as full and part-time consultants and 750 clients.

But despite that, the 17 year isn't always taken seriously in the business world.

I think it's strange trying to find the right people to work with because you get some older people who look down on you and say 'no I don't want to work with you, you're too young, not experienced,' and one client told me I'd run off to the sweet shop.

– Ben Towers

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