'My best friend has died': The anguish of a Sussex artist whose fight with David Bowie changed the colour of his eyes

Credit: ITV News

David Bowie's best friend from school has paid tribute to the pop star whose death was announced today.

Artist George Underwood, from Uckfield, had been friends with Bowie since they were eleven years old.

He described the singer's death as a 'shock.'

George Underwood Credit: ITV News

Mr Underwood, who kept in touch with his friend through most of their lives, says he had no idea that Bowie was ill.

And he revealed how he was responsible for Bowie's different coloured eyes, recalling a dispute over a girl when they were 15.

The resultant punch to Bowie's left eye caused it to change colour and to enlarge the pupil.

A punch caused David Bowie's eye to change colour Credit: PA

George Underwood pays tribute to his best friend, David Bowie: