Simon's Blog - First Thing In The Morning...

Credit: Sean Harding

...or last thing at night? What do you reckon?

Either way it was a lovely sky Sean captured on film (chip?) at Reculver.

If you're desperate to know, it was in fact, a splendid sunset.

So how about these?

And how clever is this. Tony Friend managed to catch the sun getting a lift on a ship in Deal!
Meanwhile Wayne Spring captured it balancing on top of Newhaven Lighthouse.
From Bridget O’ Malley in Lydd proof that even pylons can look nice in the right light.
Matt Pinner timed it right to catch the sun poking through Durdle Door.
You've got to love a windmill and this one from Mel Smith is quite literally Brill. That's in Buckinghamshire by the way!
A view of Portland Bill that made Stefan Olech realise that sometimes you just need to stand back and take it all in.
That's a lovely bit of bird action from Oliver Daniel Nicholls in Abingdon.
More pretty reflections on the Kennet Canal in Thatcham from Peter Stuart.
And finally, proof if it were needed that this game is fun for all the family, Claire Chapman sent in this one taken by her 13 year old daughter Hannah from Hastings.

So did you guess which ones were sunsets and which were sunrises?

Here are the answers...

SUNRISE from Liz

SUNRISE from Tony

SUNSET from Wayne

SUNRISE from Bridget

SUNRISE from Matt

SUNSET from Mel

SUNSET from Stefan

SUNSET from Oliver

SUNSET from Peter

And as for Claire & Hannah's idea!

Well they didn't say!