The mystery of David Bowie's different coloured eyes and a fight with a Sussex artist

Credit: PA

David Bowie was always been something of an enigma - and one thing in particular puzzled his fans. Why were his eyes different colours?

The answer lies with an artist from Sussex who went to school with Bowie.

George Underwood and David Bowie were teenage friends who fell out over a girl - and a fight ensued.

Artist George Underwood claims to be responsible for Bowie's eyes Credit: ITV News

A blow to David's left eye resulted in it changing colour. The pupil was also a different size.

Fortunately, Bowie didn't hold a grudge. He and George, from Uckfield, played together in several bands. And when Bowie embarked on his solo career, he employed George to do the artwork on some of his album covers. Everything Hunky Dory after all.

David Bowie with his long term friend, artist George Underwood Credit: ITV News

George Underwood talking to ITV Meridian in 2012: