Simon's Blog - Birds Of A Feather...

Credit: Mark Tilley

...flock together as they say and in this video that Mark Tilley shot over Burgess Hill, in some style!

Mark says these starlings have been doing their incredible aerobatics over his house every night for the last week or so. It's a fantastic sight known as a murmuration and sees thousands of the birds all swooping and diving in unison.

It's thought they do it for several reasons. Firstly, safety in numbers, as if they all group together, predators such as peregrine falcons find it hard to target just one bird in the middle of all that. Secondly they gather to exchange information, such as where the good feeding areas are.And thirdly to keep warm as they gather over their roosting site and perform their amazing stunts just before they roost for the night.

So keep a look out for them just before sunset and if like Mark you've got a camera with you, don't forget to email the photos or video to me at .

Meanwhile in another Alfred Hitchcock related incident and Karen Jones found herself in the middle of a feeding frenzy in Angmering.

And how about this from Hannah Harris in Fareham who spotted this juvenile gull at Stokes Bay Golf Club.

Yes it really is trying to eat a golf ball!