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Eight-year-old boy starts his own food bank after being upset by documentary on the hungry

Ronnie Hazlie, 8, has started his own food bank Photo: Solent News

An eight-year-old boy who was so upset after watching a documentary about food banks has started his own one - and has collected 519 tins.

Little Ronnie Hazlie immediately decided to help those who rely on food banks and set up a Facebook event with the help of his mother, Katy-Jane.

He even asked for cans of food for his eighth birthday rather than presents to help those who struggle to put food on the table.

Ronnie, from Gosport, Hants, has now collected more than 500 tins of food for his local Gosport and Fareham food bank.

Katy-Jane, 37, said: "Ronnie saw a documentary about food banks and he couldn't believe that people don't have food.

"Since then he has been nagging me and everyone he knows to donate tins."

Katy-Jane, a bookshop assistant, said that Ronnie even asked for tins as presents on his birthday on July 29.

She added: "For his birthday he said he didn't want any presents, he just wanted tins."

Ronnie said he never expected to collect so many cans but that he was pleased to help others.

He said: "I wanted to help other children after I watched a television programme about food banks.

"We have 519 tins which we are are going to give to other people who need them."

The Facebook event called 'Donate A Tin For The Ronster' has attracted donations from all over the UK.

People have been sending money directly to Ronnie if they are too far away, so that he can buy his own tin cans to give to the food bank.

Various businesses in Gosport have also been happy to set up drop-off points so people can donate tins.

Penny Woodhouse, manager at The Vine pub, said that regulars and strangers alike popped in to donate tins.

She said: "Ronnie is such a lovely little helpful lad.

"He's massively enthusiastic about what he does, from collecting food for the hungry to helping us clean up at the end of the day."