Blenheim Palace reveals 1950's deep clean photos

The chandelier being cleaned at Blenheim Palace in 1950 Credit: Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace in Woodstock in Oxfordshire, has for the first time, released photos of the first ever deep clean carried out at the palace back in 1950.

The traditional clean has been taking place annually since the palace opened to the public in April 1950, with a team of cleaners hard at work this month.

Although the techniques, equipment and conservation procedures may have changed over the last five decades, the cleaning process itself still takes six weeks with a team of up to 10 people working daily.

The deep clean continues today in 2016 Credit: Blenheim Palace
The chandelier was cleaned thoroughly before the palace opened to the public in 1950 Credit: Blenheim Palace
A deep clean of the palace is underway this month Credit: Blenheim Palace