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29-stone food addict determined to scale down his eating and inspire others

Before and after: Chris Mardlin began his weight loss two years ago Credit: ITV Meridian

He's struggled with his weight since he was a child, but a man from Southsea, who once weighed over 32 stones, says he's determined to shed the pounds and be healthy.

27-year-old Chris Mardlin says he was addicted to food and would eat a loaf of bread, two pizzas and bottles of fizzy drinks every day.

The self confessed yo yo dieter has lost weight before but then piled it back on. This time he says its going to be different. Kerry Swain has been to meet Chris to hear his story.

Chris is now 29 stone and determined to lose weight slowly and sensibly. Supported this time by experts in obesity at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth.

Watch the video below for Chris' full interview with Kerry: