Hamlen found guilty of murdering pensioner

Georgina Edmonds was stabbed dozens of times Credit: ITV

A father who was previously cleared of torturing a grandmother to death for her bank pin number has been found guilty of her murder today in Hampshire’s first ever ‘double jeopardy’ case.

Georgina Edmonds, 77, was stabbed dozens of times and hit round the head with her own marble rolling pin by Matthew Hamlen. The 37-year-old was thought to be high on cocaine when he killed the widow at her country cottage in Brambridge in January 2008. Her body was found by her son Harry and her dog walker, Ian Wrightson.

It is the second time Hamlen has been on trial for the murder after he was acquitted by a jury in 2012. But last year new DNA tests were carried out on some of the original samples taken at the scene of the murder which proved that Hamlen was the murderer.

Hamlen had walked along a towpath from his home in nearby Bishopstoke before wandering into the isolated, riverside cottage on Kiln Lane while Mrs Edmonds was taking an afternoon nap. When she woke she was subjected to a horrific ordeal in which she suffered 37 different injuries. The court heard how she had been stabbed multiple times with a knife as Hamlen tried to force her to disclose her pin number. But when she refused to tell him she was beaten round the head with her marble rolling pin. He used such force that it split into three pieces.