Simon's Blog - Starry Starry Night

Credit: Martin Dolan

You've probably noticed how chilly it's been overnight recently. Well the upside to the cold weather is that conditions have been perfect if you like a bit of night sky action.

Some wonderful images have been turning up in my inbox and on my @SimonParkinITV timeline on Twitter.

Here's Martin Dolan's picture from last night of the Milky Way over Mupe Bay in Dorset.

Nick Lucas took a couple of photos at Horton Tower. The first one features a meteor on the left.

The second some slow exposure star trails.

Horton Tower by the way was once said to have once been the tallest non-religious building in Britain at 140 feet (43 metres) high.

In another impressive building related incident and Chris Nesbit sent in these images of Waverley Abbey and House in Surrey.

Frank Leppard of Margate took this one night last week at Kingsgate Bay on the Isle of Thanet, of the moon with Jupiter next to it.

Carl Harlott did a clever trick of capturing the moon in an anti bird guard on top of a chimney.

And finally have a look at this video from Bob Legget in East Wittering and see if you can tell what it is.

It’s actually the sun at 10.52 this morning and that's the International Space Station crossing in front of it.

The next chance to see the ISS is at 5.08 tomorrow morning and it’ll be going south to east.

But if that's not convenient for you, click here for a link to find out when and where you'll be able to catch it.