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Poor Phoebe 'Our cat got stuck in the walls'

Poor Phoebe became wedged in between two walls Photo: RSPCA

A cat has been rescued by the RSPCA after becoming stuck in a gap between her home and the family garage.

Phoebe who belongs to Jon Harper became wedged in the two inch space on Thursday 31st March. Her owners called the RSPCA to get her out of the tight spot at the property in Sussex.

“She is a very timid cat and doesn’t usually go far. After I hadn’t seen her for a while I went out looking for her and could hear her calling out from somewhere.

“I thought she was on the roof of the garage but then I saw two eyes looking out from the gap between the house and the garage.

“I was worried about her as I didn’t know if she was injured. It was frustrating as she was so close to getting out the wall but it was so tight.

“She was shaking as the RSPCA officer pulled her through the gap - I was so relieved to have her out.”

– Jon Harper, Owner
Phoebe looking startled after her brush with disaster

When she arrived at the house in Hassocks RSPCA Animal Welfare Officer Marie Stevens found that Phoebe was completely pinned in by her pelvis. The officer called the fire service who then cut into the brickwork to allow her to take a very distressed Phoebe out of the gap.

“Phoebe’s meowing when trapped could be heard all over the neighbourhood. She was in a right jam and there is no way she would have been able to get free without help.

“I've been an RSPCA officer for 22 years but seeing animals in distress doesn’t get any easier. Luckily with the skills from the fire officers we were able to safely free poor Phoebe.”

– RSPCA Animal Welfare Officer Marie Stevens

Phoebe's owners took her to the vet, and they are glad to report that she only suffered minor bruising. She is now recovering at home.