Simon's Blog - Funny Signs

Credit: Janice Berry

Yet more proof it it were needed that birds can read.

Although they might have trouble as it seems we humans can't always spell.

Howard Marsh spotted this sign in Maidstone. How many “e”s in weeks again?

Not that many!!

And whilst we’re having a spelling do you spell vehicles?

Well according to this from Jon Brooks in Ramsgate, I missed out the "a"!

Debbie Davis came across a gate with this familiar sign on it.

But was a bit baffled by the fact that the gate wasn’t attached to a fence.

I'm no expert but I'm thinking it probably wouldn’t have contained whatever it was supposed to anyway!

David Feeder thought this one he found in Rye might have been a bit overstated.

Meanwhile whilst on holiday in Jamaica, Chris Mitchell discovered the safest gun club in the world.

And finally, according to this photo from Janice Berry in Sherfield-on-Lodden, either a lot of people drive through this tree, or it seems I’m not welcome there!

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