Southern Health will launch a full investigation into an alleged 'abusive' voicemail sent to a bereaved mother.

Dr Sara Ryan, who's son Connor Sparrowhawk drowned while under the care of Southern Health, posted a recording of the voicemail to her website.

The message - from someone claiming to work for Southern Health NHS Trust - begins sympathetically before describing Dr Ryan as 'vindictive, unpleasant and nasty' for appearing on television criticising the trust.

Listen to the voicemail below:

Southern Health has faced criticism from NHS England and the Care Quality Commission for failings in the way that it reported and investigated hundreds of unexpected deaths, particularly of people using its mental health and learning disability services.

The Trust released the following statement about the phone call:

We have been made aware of the phone message through social media, and the content is deeply concerning. The Trust cannot condone such behaviour and we take matters like this extremely seriously.

Southern Health NHS Trust
Katrina Percy, Chief Executive of Southern Health, has refused to resign

In a Tweet, Dr Ryan described the phone call as horrific.

Read a transcript of the voicemail below:

Good morning... I believe this is a message for Dr Sara Ryan. I’ve been seeing on the media about your son, your poor son who died in the care of Southern Health. I work for Southern Health and I feel awful that you lost him. I’m so sorry that you have done, it’s tragic, and I hope you find some closure after the report...but I do think you are being very vindictive. I think you are a vindictive cow. On TV all the time slating the NHS Southern Health... You want some attention, but you are vindictive and you are unpleasant, and you are a nasty cow.

Voicemail left for Dr Sara Ryan