A mother from Kent has warned women not to ignore the symptoms of womb cancer - as an early diagnosis can save lives.

Daloni Carlisle, who's from Sevenoaks, delayed visiting her doctor after she had an unusually long period.

By the time she was diagnosed with womb cancer, the disease had spread to her cervix, ovaries and lymph nodes.

Gynaecological cancer - including womb, ovarian and cervical cancer - is the second most common cancer among women in the UK. Specialist gynaecology nurse, Tracie Miles, says spotting the symptoms early is key to survival.

You can find out more about the symptoms of the five gynaecological cancers by looking on The Eve Appeal's website: https://www.eveappeal.org.uk/gynaecological-cancers/ or by contacting the charity's new nurse-led information line on 0808 802 0019, or through email on nurse@eveappeal.org.uk

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