Simon's Blog - Bluebell Fans

Credit: Ginny Boxall in Alton

I'm no expert but I'm thinking it's not unusual to find a pollen covered bee enjoying the bluebells that are still looking stunning across the region.

But there have been other interesting creature spottings in them too.

That's a Brimstone butterfly near Hursley in Hampshire from Natasha Weyers.

And Peter Beckett was on the Arlington bluebell trail when he found a couple of ducks who were either posing or just not very good at hide and seek.

Shane Stanbridge in Hastings sent us a cute lamb in them.

Are you thinking that it seems to have overdone it’s eye shadow too?

And how beautiful does this look?

Kathryn Fell was in her favourite bluebell woods near Sonning Common at about ten past seven one night, when she came across this deer that was clearly making the most of them too.

And it seems dogs also like them.

Here’s Ray Meakin’s dog Carta in a photo taken at the appropriately named Hound Wood.

Honest I’m not making it’s in Farley in Salisbury!

Meet Pat Ford’s Ted & Harry at Pound Copse in Arborfield.

And Julie Blackman sent in this from Fairlight in East Sussex.

That’s Rowley strolling through them and she says that despite being 13 and a quarter, he still likes a good walk.

And finally here are Gary Denton’s dogs in both the sunshine and the bluebells in Upper Basildon.

That's Dolly, Ruby, Doobie and Masie.

Dolly also posed for an individual shot by the way!