2,000 year-old Iron Age woman given to Isle of Wight Museum

The remains of the woman were dated to AD 28 to AD90 Credit: Connect PR

The 2,000 year-old remains of a woman have been gifted to the Isle of Wight Museum.

The bones, which come from the late Iron Age, were discovered on Fishbourne Beach at low tide in March 2015.

Brothers Hubert and Graham Smyth found the skeletal remains lying in silt, which is normally under the waterline when the tide is in. Radiographer Graham recognised the bones were human and called the police.

Isle of Wight Coroner Caroline Sumeray was called in to establish whether the bones were recent, but a pathologist ruled that they were from 'beyond living memory'.

The remains were then radio-carbon dated and found to be from around AD 28 to AD90.

I consulted with the Ministry of Justice. There is no need for a Home Office licence to bury her, and as such we can give her to the local isle of Wight Museum

Coroner Caroline Sumeray