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Southampton Airport to charge £1 dropping-off fee

A £1 dropping fee is to be charged by Southampton Airport, from September, for passengers who want to be dropped off near the main terminal.

The airport says a number of changes are being made to the pick-up and drop-off facilities as part of a full review of all facilities on offer.

The existing free pick-up and drop-off area at Southampton Airport is moving to the long stay car park and will offer 30 minutes of parking for free. Passengers can then catch the airport shuttle bus down to the main terminal which takes 3-5 minutes and runs every 10-12 minutes.

Passengers looking to get closer to the main terminal can choose to be dropped off in the Priority pick-up and drop-off area in the short stay car park where there will be a £1 fee for 10 minutes.

Between 2010 and 2015 the airport says it invested over £20m in redevelopments and, in the last year alone, has invested significant amounts in its security, arrivals and departure areas as well as new shuttle buses.

The airport says money raised from these parking changes will be reinvested and support future investment.

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Many new routes have been announced over the past year Credit: ITV

Passengers will still have the option to use our free pick-up and drop-off area in our long stay car park. With many new airlines and new routes being announced over the past year, it is anticipated that passenger numbers will increase which comes with a responsibility to improve facilities to maintain our current high standards.

– Neil Garwood, Head of Operations