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New app aims to save lives on the railways

Credit: PA

A new web app has been launched to reduce the number of people coming to harm on the railways in the South East. allows Southeastern passengers to issue an alert using their smartphone.

Network Rail (NR) said the system could be rolled out across the country if the pilot scheme proves successful.

Passengers who are concerned about someone are encouraged to speak to a member of rail staff in the first instance but if that's not possible they can use the new web service to contact a control centre operated by Network Rail and Southeastern.

Credit: ITV News

Passengers are the eyes and ears of the railway and by making it easier for people to communicate with us we can improve safety for everybody.

It could be that someone has been sitting on a platform for a long time, appears distressed or looks to be too close to the tracks. As soon as we receive a report, help will be sent to the person to find out more. We would prefer to be alerted to a situation and find out nothing is wrong, than miss something which might save a life.

– Ian Stevens, Network Rail

Reports made through will be kept confidential and people using it do not have to give their details.