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Farage warns of security risks from uncontrolled immigration, as he tours Thanet

It's the last full week of the referendum campaign, and with the polls showing the two sides neck and neck, Ukip leader and Leave campaigner, Nigel Farage, has returned to Thanet.

Last year, Mr Farage narrowly failed to win a parliamentary seat in Thanet in the General Election.

But today, with the referendum vote just ten days away, Mr Farage was again warning that uncontrolled migration was a threat to Britain and its security.

And in Sittingbourne this afternoon, Mr Farage was asked about a campaign poster the Leave.EU camp had put out on twitter, but later withdrew.

This poster was posted on Twitter but later withdrawn Credit: Twitter/Leave.EU

It's been denounced by opponents of Leave as "shameful and cowardly". Mr Farage told Meridian that what happened in Orlando, was "awful":

You can watch Abigail Bracken's report on Nigel Farage campaigning in Thanet by clicking on the link below.