Fresh warnings to dog owners after Alabama Rot outbreak

Affected dogs will appear unusually tired Credit: Vets4Pets

Dog owners across the south are asked to be vigilant as the deadly dog disease Alabama Rot continues to spread across the UK.

A total of 78 dogs have been confirmed with the disease since 2012, with 14 in the first four months of 2016.

It's thought Alabama Rot has claimed the lives of 13 dogs in the south in the past year.

It causes acute kidney failure and seems to be more prevalent in the New Forest, Dorset, Wiltshire, Sussex and Surrey.

In the ITV Meridian region West Sussex and Surrey have seen two confirmed cases this year, while Wiltshire and East Sussex have all had one confirmed.

Signs have been going up in the New Forest Credit: ITV Meridian

In December 2015 Jess Worthington from Swindon in Wiltshire had walked her to working cocker spaniels, Pippa and Molly in woods near her home.

It was a common location for them all, but just two days later Jess noticed sores on Pippa’s legs and within 24 hours Molly was also affected.

Despite treatment at the UK's leading centre for Alabama Rot, at Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists in Winchester, Pippa sadly died a few days later.

The disease is characterised by unpleasant painful sores Credit: Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists


  • Alabama Rot, a deadly disease affecting dogs is spreading across the UK

  • The cause is still unknown, treatment is at best 30% successful and dog owners need to be wary of the risks to their pets

  • The first sign that is normally seen is a skin sore that isn’t caused by a known injury. Animals are also unusually tired.

  • Any dog owners who are worried that their pet might have Alabama Rot should contact their veterinary practice immediately.

Infected dogs will appear unusually tired Credit: Vets4Pets

Anyone with concerns can click here for more details