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5 tips to stop your house burning down

Firefighters are carrying out a fire safety camapign Photo: Kent Fire & Rescue Service

Fires in the home are always something to be worrying about, in a spilt second your entire home could be up in flames. Firefighters say there is a simple solution to this problem, fire alarms. Ramsgate firefighters are recommending that we all take some steps towards reducing the risk of fires in our homes. However fires can strike at any point and are very dangerous.

The Red Watch managers are offering advice with what to do to keep your home safe. Here are their top five top tips:

  • 1. Check your fire alarms every week
  • 2. Make a fire plan for you house
  • 3. If you discover a fire in your house, leave it as quickly as possible
  • 4. Don’t go back into the house for any reason once you get out
  • 5. Call 999 straight away to put out the fire

Joe Bathurst, Red Watch manager, stressed the important role of having smoke alarms in your home:

“Smoke alarms really do save lives, as we have seen on numerous occasions, so by getting in to the habit of testing them weekly you can make sure they will work when you need them most."

– Joe Bathurst, Red Watch manager