Sisters step out after dad dies from meningitis

Gaylord Howlett with his grandson Jude Credit: Picutre: Megan Kennard

Five Sussex sisters have set themselves a fundraising challenge to raise money in memory of their late father who died from meningitis.

Father-of-six Gaylord Howlett died last month from meningitis, just three days after first feeling unwell. He was 44.

His daughter Megan Kennard said that her father first displayed flu-like symptoms. The following day he said he had a backache. On the next day he took his daughters to school and returned home to his wife who noticed a purple mark on his knees.

After she called 111, an ambulance was dispatched. Two hours after being admitted to hospital, Gaylord was put into an induced coma. He had pneumococcal meningitis and septicaemia. He never regained consciousness.

Now five of his daughters are organising a charity walk from Hastings Pier to Eastbourne Pier in support of the Meningitis Research Foundation.

Just as important as raising money is raising awareness of the condition that killed their father in a matter of days.

If we can save at least one life, then sharing out story will be worth it.

Megan Kennard

The walk is planned for August 28. For more information see their justgiving page.