By Emma Wilkinson

An age breakdown of EU referendum polling shows young voters overwhelmingly supported Remain. In recent days, many of those have expressed frustration or in some cases, rage, at the idea that their futures have been 'destroyed' by older voters.

But research suggests a disappointingly low turn-out among 18-24 year-olds. It's impossible to know exactly what proportion of that age group voted, but a poll by Sky and analysis of the turnout in areas with younger populations generally, suggests less than half turned out to polling stations.

Claims that many young people are politically disengaged and apathetic are coming thick and fast, but that certainly was not the case at The Petersfield School in Hampshire today.

The pupils I spoke to weren't old enough to vote but they had given a great deal of thought to how the decision could affect their lives. And regardless of which side of the argument they fell, they all felt uncomfortable with what they saw as a generational divide:

The school held its own 'mini referendum' which had an 88% turnout. Pupils weren't forced to vote, but 920 out of 1049 chose to. More than 60% backed Remain.

Watch the full report on how the pupils felt about the reality of Brexit: