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More than 30 shops burgled along Kent pier

More than thirty shops along Herne Bay pier have been broken into and looted for valuables and cash - in what appears to be a systematic attack by burglars.

They've caused up to £10,000 of damage just to the doors of the huts alone - and devastated the livelihoods of some of the small businesses that use them.

Many shopkeepers are angry about security at the pier and are calling for CCTV to protect their huts.

Kris Searle owns a record studio on the pier and has had £3,000 worth of equipment stolen.

But there are plans for fundraising events to help those who've been hit by the burglaries, as Kent County Councillor for Herne Bay, Brian MacDowall, explains:

You can watch a full report by Abigail Bracken below. Interviewees are Kris Searle; Insp Vicki Tyler of Kent Police; and shop owner Tina Couchman.