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Video shows amount of litter left on Bournemouth beach

A Bournemouth resident furious with the amount of rubbish left on the beach yesterday has posted a video of the mess on social media.

The post has already been shared more than four thousands times on Facebook.

PICK UP YOUR LITTER THIS SUMMER. This was Bournemouth Beach tonight. I hate to sound like some activist because I'm not. I'm a simple human being who absolutely loves and appreciates the incredible beaches we have, and how lucky I am to live here and to have been brought up here.

Not only does it make the beach look ugly, it endangers wildlife and pollutes the damn place (...) It is NOT HARD to collect all your rubbish into one bag and put it on one of the hundreds of bins provided around town when you're done. So please please please from the bottom of my heart, whether you live here or are visiting, keep my home town clean and beautiful.

– Anya Levkouskis' Facebook post

Thousands of people headed for the region's beaches yesterday, the hottest day of the year so far.