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Photo: Brenda North

Yes it's been a while since we last saw some faces in unexpected places, like the cheerful fellow that Brenda found in a supermarket car park electric charging bay.

Peter Pope in Kennington took his grandson to explore Rochester Castle and this was the photo he took at the top.

It was only later that he noticed the face of the old man formed by a rocks and shadows on the left.

Tanja Vitez Vranic spotted this two faced water fountain in Belgrade in Serbia.

Is it me or is that almost a pout?

Closer to home and Colin Lee in Southampton was a bit surprised when he went to plug in his keyboard.

But not quite as shocked as Steve Walsh in Crawley when he discovered his son’s front door kicking back after a hard day.

And finally Janice & Graham Berry from Sherfield On Loddon found that the happiest place to live is Austria.

Well if you’re a house that is!!

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