New bar blocks signal to stop 'unsociable' phone use

Credit: PA

A new gin bar in Sussex is trying to encourage more meaningful interaction between its customers, by purposefully blocking mobile phone signal.

The Gin Tub in Hove is taking a stand against modern technology by constructing what is known as a Faraday Cage - an earthed metal screen which blocks electric fields.

The bar is using a technique first discovered in the 19th century. Credit: The Gin Tub

Business partners Steve Tyler and Scot Callister feel people's continual use of smartphones to make calls and use social media kills the sociable atmosphere of pubs and bars.

They decided that rather than banning them in their establishment, it would be easier to just disable them.

Steve points out that communication isn't cut off all together. He says people can always call the bar if they need to speak to someone inside and there are retro telephones on the tables if customers want to call one another.

Customers can also use the retro telephones to order drinks from the bar Credit: The Gin Tub

Visitors to the bar's Facebook page were generally supportive of its stance on mobile phones: