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Pressure mounts on councils to sort out CCTV fiasco

The cameras were switched off in mid-June. Credit: PA

Police, business owners and a top judge have all backed calls for the CCTV fiasco in Salisbury to be sorted out as soon as possible.

Ongoing negotiations between Wiltshire Council and Salisbury City Council over the running of the cameras means they have been out of action for weeks.

Salisbury is a purple flag city, meaning it's a safe and enjoyable place to go for a night out.

Campaigners now fear a lack of CCTV puts that status - and the city's security - at risk.

The city’s camera network stopped working when Wiltshire Council sold the building that housed the control room.

When the system was switched off, County Hall promised Salisbury a new state-of-the-art system worth £500,000. It has now said it won't invest that money unless Salisbury City Council takes on some of the liabilities.

The promised new CCTV system is tied-up in what's known as an asset transfer deal. Essentially, Wiltshire Council wants to offload buildings and services - including the cameras - to Salisbury City Council. But SCC has raised concerns about the affordability of the deal on the table.

Various businesses have backed calls for the CCTV to be switched back on. Credit: ITV Meridian

We want a speedy resolution to the CCTV situation in Salisbury, and the new system is part of the Salisbury Asset Transfer package which remains on the table.

In the meantime we are continuing to source the new CCTV system, however the final investment won’t happen until the complete asset transfer has been agreed by the city council.

– Wiltshire Council

Local businesses are growing increasingly frustrated by the delay in sorting out the issue and are worried about the safety of the city.

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