Ant infestation, excess rubbish and poor cleaning at Nando's

The Nando's in Colwey Road, Oxford Credit: ITV News Meridian

A Nando's restaurant has been branded the chain's second dirtiest after inspectors found an ant infestation, excess rubbish in the kitchen and poor cleaning standards.

According to the Scores on the Doors website, the three-star rating of the Nando's on Cowley Road in Oxford is second only to one in a shopping centre in Liverpool.

They found raw beef being stored in a fridge directly over some pitta bread, creating a contamination risk, and an infestation of ants around the drinks area.

Inspectors also advised restaurant management to empty the bins, describing an excessive accumulation of rubbish in the kitchen.

Environmental Health also reported a black ant infestation in the area where the syrups used to make soft drinks were stored. Pest control experts had to be called in to address the problem.

An extract from the report Credit: Oxford City Council

Inspectors also found a black ant infestation in a room where the syrup to make soft drinks was storied. The restaurant had to call in pest control experts to address the problem.

A spokesman for the chain said it had addressed many of the points raised in the report, adding: 'We take hygiene extremely seriously at Nando's'.