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Winchester Uni to hide applicants' names to avoid bias

Winchester University is one of four piloting the scheme Credit: ITV Meridian

Winchester is one of four Universities set to introduce a "name-blind" admissions systems in a bid to avoid bias.

Along with Exeter, Huddersfield, and Liverpool universities it will be involved in the Ucas-run project, ordered by the Government following concerns about differences in offer rates to different ethnic groups.

Credit: ITV Meridian

Research found that entries from all ethnic groups soared between 2006 and 2015, but with entries from the black ethnic group rising by 75%, compared with 25% in the white group.

However, when looking at high priced universities, it found an increase of more than a quarter (26.5%) in entries from the Chinese ethnic group, compared with less than 6% in the black group.

This number was still almost double the number of entries in 2006.

Helen Thorne, Ucas's director of external relations, said:

"The projects being undertaken in 2017 will enable universities to evaluate the effectiveness of a name-blind approach and how it could complement existing approaches used to ensure that admissions are fair for all."