REACTION: Gurkhas lose appeal for equal pension rights

Former Gurkhas protest against their treatment Credit: ITV Meridian

They have the reputation of being the fiercest, most determined fighters.

But today former Gurkha soldiers based in Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and Berkshire have been forced to accept defeat - over their pension rights.

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the Government acted within its rights by denying Gurkhas who served before 1997 a full British Army pension.

Credit: PA

It means older Gurkhas have had much inferior pensions, with many saying they are living in poverty.

There are large Gurkha communities in Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and Berkshire, and the ruling has repercussions for hundreds of families.

Speaking in Ashford today, former Gurkha Bhimraj Tumbahangphe told us he was devastated by the decision

But the Court ruled today that the British Government HAD acted lawfully.

Ruling from the European Court of Human Rights Credit: ECHR

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