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Wiltshire Police respond to Halliwell speculation

Wiltshire Police have released a statement in relation to recent speculation about Christopher Halliwell.

Here it is in full:

“Wiltshire Police made an unwavering commitment to the families concerned, and the public, in 2011 that justice would be served.

“Since this time, there has been a dedicated investigation team working on this case and it is down to the diligence and professionalism of that team, working closely with the Crown Prosecution Service, that we were able to bring Christopher Halliwell to a successful prosecution.

“We recognise there is an eight year gap between the murders of Becky Godden in 2003 and Sian O’Callaghan in 2011. From the early stages in this complicated investigation, it was conceivable that there may have been further victims of Christopher Halliwell either prior to Becky’s death or after it.

“This has always formed an important part of the Senior Investigating Officers approach and this has been a key aspect of the investigation throughout.

We have therefore already engaged with a number of agencies in relation to Christopher Halliwell. The additional information we have learned about Halliwell's character during the court case, alongside the facts established regarding his modus operandi, will assist us going forward.

“Serious and major crime investigations are a complex aspect of policing. It remains our commitment to keep an open mind and follow the evidence wherever that may take us, so if there are further victims of Halliwell, then our investigation will work tirelessly to bring justice for all those concerned.

“To assist us in this, we strongly discourage speculation as this will cause further distress to families and friends of people who are currently missing across the Country, who will clearly be desperate to have news of their loved ones.

“We would however welcome any new information from the public, or indeed, from Halliwell himself.

“Christopher Halliwell will no longer be a danger to the public following his whole life tariff sentence. Our thoughts remain with the families and friends of Sian and Becky who have shown great dignity and strength throughout.

“This has been a difficult, emotive and challenging time for all parties involved.

“We hope that they are all now able to find some closure following his sentencing.”

– Wiltshire Police

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