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Ringwood Arts Centre: First phase of development

The arts centre will include a theatre, cinema and community hall Credit: Ringwood Arts Centre

Making a hole in a listed wall will mark the first phase of development on the planned £7m Ringwood Arts Centre in Hampshire.

Fundraising is underway to raise the £55,000 necessary to make a ‘meaningful start’ to the project which will include a theatre, cinema and multi-use community hall. Planning permission was granted by the New Forest planning authority in 2014 and is due to expire in February next year.

The first phase of development will start in December Credit: Ringwood Arts Centre

“A meaningful start doesn’t just mean digging a hole in the ground,” said the project’s steering group chairman, Mike Osborne, “But the local authority has agreed that creating an opening through a listed wall to give access to a new car park will constitute a proper start to the project - planning permission will then be crystallised in perpetuity, allowing us to get on with the job of raising money to fund construction of the building itself.”

Work is underway towards funding for the new arts centre from business, charitable trusts and arts foundations. Work on making the ‘hole in the wall’ is planned to start in December and will be finished in February 2017.

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