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Simon's Blog - The Whole Of The Moon

Photo: Wayne Spring

Not just a great song by the Waterboys but also a real treat if you saw it this weekend.

It was a Hunter's Moon, which was traditionally used by farmers and hunters, back in the day, to finish off their day’s work. It’s also known as a blood moon or sanguine moon and is the first full moon after the autumnal equinox.

Nikki, AKA @astro_niks on Twitter, was watching it rise from the South Downs National Park and here are her lovely images.

Donald Capewell took this photo on Saturday from Old Sarum.

He said that within 10 minutes you couldn’t see the Cathedral at all, as the mist set in.

And you’ve got to love a morning moon too.

Jennie Spencer’s son Jeanluc took this in Tarrant Hinton at half seven this morning.

For the next few nights the moon will be a slightly less impressive though still fairly magnificent waning gibbous.

Course it's not just the moon you can spot in the night sky.

Greg Parker at the New Forest Observatory did a bit of International Space Station watching last week.

You can find the details of when and where to look for the ISS here and as ever if you take a photo that deserves to be shared, please email it to or you can tweet me @SimonParkinITV on Twitter.