Simon's Blog - Pumpkin Soup Anyone?

Credit: Becca Collacott

I do know a good recipe for a lemony creamy one if you're interested.

But already the other pumpkin related creations have been turning up in my inbox and how about this topical one from Roy in Newbury.

Yes it really is a Donald Trumpkin!

Alistair Atkinson from Yateley in Hampshire has been carving them for a few years now and here's a couple of his past successes.

He’s currently working on something Star Wars related for this year and has promised to send a photo when it's done.

Viki in Charlbury in Oxfordshire emailed this picture of her daughter Chloe Kirkby, aged 21 months, checking her one will be ready for Halloween.

I'm thinking it’s either a whopper or Chloe is very tiny.

Here's a double whammy from Beth Williams in Canterbury.

Do you reckon it's two different pumpkins or one image on each side?

Hayley in Portchester emailed me to say that it’s grace’s first Halloween... indicated by the pumpkin on the right.

And finally Lynda Cook in Caversham is seven year old Lucy's mum and she sent in their cat pumpkin.

I expect that there will be some clever carving going on across the region, so please let me know if you either create or just come across something interesting.

Oh and I'll happily send you that recipe too...!