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ITV Meridian finds a seventh person died at Camber Sands

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ITV News Meridian can reveal that a seventh person died on a Sussex beach this summer, on the same stretch of coast on which six others were killed.

It has emerged that Mohit Dupar got into difficulties in the water on the same day that a Brazilian man died at the beach. It happened a month before five young men from London died there.

It makes the sands at Camber, statistically, the most dangerous beach in south east England.

Five young friends died at the beach in East Sussex on August 24 Credit: ITV Meridian

The information has come to light in papers released ahead of the first inquests to be held tomorrow.

Mohit Dupar died in a Kent hospital a few days after getting into trouble on Camber last July. It happened on the same day that a young man from Brazil - Gustavo Silva Da Cruz - was also killed on the Sussex beach. At the time, neither police nor hospital officials released details of what had happened to Mr Dupar.

Police at the scene when five men were pulled from the water in August Credit: PA

Very little has been made public about exactly what happened on Camber Sands on that July morning. Mr Dupar, who was in his thirties, had gone to the beach with his teenage son. Reports from the time say the alarm was raised when three people were spotted getting into difficulty. It’s now known this was Mr Silva da Cruz, Mr Dupar and his son. It’s understood they were not known to each other and had not entered the water together.

Eyewitnesses have described how Mr Dupar and his son were dragged from the water. It is understood police officers performed CPR on the two men before paramedics arrived on the scene. One holidaymaker, from Kent, who does not want to be named, has described how they frantically tried to save them.

One of the two people was a stone’s throw from us when they were performing CPR. The tide was coming in very fast. Loads of people carried him further up the beach. I did see a helicopter and someone come down from it on a rope and they pulled someone out.

– Eyewitness

The emergency services said two people were airlifted to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford. It is now believed this was Mr Dupar and his son, and it was reported that day the pair were 'critical but stable'. ITV Meridian understands that four days later, on July 28th, Mr Dupar’s life support machine was switched off.

The beach is statistically the most dangerous in south east England Credit: PA

Mr Silva Da Cruz’s body was not found that day - the hunt continued into the night and his body was pulled from the water next morning. An inquest into Mr Dupar's death - and that of the six other men who died in the area this summer - will be held tomorrow in Hastings.