Simon's Blog - Fun With Fungus

Credit: David Illman

You've got to love a mushroom that's called Plums and Custard!

David spotted them in the woods in West Dean and having done a bit of googling myself, I've discovered they are also sometimes known as the Strawberry mushroom and you're most likely to come across them around decaying conifer roots.

Here's another of David's finds, these are Golden Scalycaps.

Andrew Gregory found this growing on the side of an old beech tree on the top of Beacon Hill.

It's common name is Lion's Mane fungus.

Meanwhile John Sinclair found a very impressive Yellow Stagshorn.

Due to it's greasy and sticky antler like branches it's also referred to as Jelly Antler fungus.

Here's a strange tree fungus that Michael Spyglass stumbled upon at Bredhurst Woods.

Is it just me or does it look like ears?

Sue Bradley in Hougham sent in this one.

We've no idea what it is but she thinks it looks like a lady in crinoline holding a child.

And have a look at this from June, who was a bit surprised to find this fungus growing out of a pine cone, in her olive tree pot, outside the front door in Seaford.