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Simon's Blog - Rockin' Around The...

Photo: RNLI

...plastic bottles?

It might not have got Brenda Lee to number 6 in the charts in 1962 but it certainly is a fantastic idea for a very green Christmas tree and it looks great the Royal National Lifeboat Institution HQ in Poole.

Also, did you spot the star on the top?

That's your award winning Bottle Buoy, which is a low cost life saving device, made from three plastic bottles, for use in areas where funds for rescue equipment are limited.

In other quirky Christmas tree news and shhhhh... that's the clever book tree in the University of Southampton’s Hartley Library.

Obviously it might be a bit of a pain if it’s one of those ones at the bottom that you want to borrow!

Once again there's no star or fairy on the top...

...instead that’s a Thesaurus Rex!

And finally can you make a festive tree from one of these?

Well according to Daryll Kirley yes you can.

You just need to throw in some (he says) enjoyable labour...

...well who doesn’t love a power saw!

Then you need several nails and a bit of green paint….

...and then you end up with one of these.

His wife thinks it’s "amazeballs".

So if you've got an unlikely creation with presents under it, we'd love to see it. Please email me a photo to or you can always tweet me @SimonParkinITV if you're on Twitter.