School sends coaches to pick up stranded children from Kent and Sussex on strike days

Rye College has hired coaches to pick up children who've been struggling to get to school Credit: ITV

The Southern Rail strike hasn't just been affecting commuters heading to work.

Children who rely on trains to get to school have been suffering too. Nearly 150 students use Southern to travel to the secondary school and college in Rye - many from villages in Kent and Sussex.

Freddy Spencer, who's from Aldington, has been struggling to get to school on strike days. His mother, Jenny Head, says it's been really stressful:

So Freddy's school, Rye College, has decided to send coaches to pick up children coming from Ashford or Hastings when Southern are striking. It's a relief for Freddy's mother, who's spent months worrying about the safety of her child during the strike.

Abigail Bracken's report also includes an interview with Ian Gillespie, who's the acting principal of Rye College and Studio School.