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Police bosses join forces to tackle funding shortfall

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Police services in Hampshire will be put at risk if the government does not fund the force properly, that's according to Hampshire's Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner.

They have joined forces and written to the Government to highlight what they say is an unfair funding formula.

Independent figures from Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary (HMIC) show that the county gets far less money than the average police force, estimated at around £44.8 million.

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Hampshire Police has already saved £80 million from its budget since 2010 but would still face a £23 million shortfall by 2021.

The force has planned to save a further £10 million but this leaves a £13 million gap per year by 2021.

It has planned to close 33 police stations to save maintenance costs.

There are currently 2,900 officers looking after the county which has just under 2 million residents.

This shows the force is down 1,000 officers from 4,000 previously.

The biggest problem for police is anti-social behaviour along with violent crime and burglary.

The force says that more people are now reporting crime.

John Apter from the Hampshire Police Federation says budget cuts and lack of funding are affecting policing and morale.

John Apta from the Hampshire Police Federation