Safer Internet Day: Pupils make 'sexting' prevention film

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Keeping children safe online can be worrying for parents - many often feel they do not know enough about their children's digital lives and how it might leave them vulnerable.

A new report released for Safer Internet Day shows 'sexting' - digitally sharing nude or sexual photos and messages - is a growing trend.

Experts say it is becoming more normalised among young people, with many not realising the consequences it could have on their emotional and mental well-being and future.

'Sexting' is the focus of a new short film produced by year nine pupils from Robert May’s School in Odiham.

The students were the winners of a Hampshire Constabulary competition open to all secondary schools across the county last year, when pupils were invited to submit ideas that could improve understanding of the law, and encourage their peers to make safer, positive choices.

The pupils held a screening of their film for family members, teachers and other professionals in Fleet last night.

Watch the full film here:

A recent survey of around 900 students in local schools conducted by Hampshire Constabulary gave a worrying insight into young people's behaviour online.

  • 13% did not think it was against the law for young people aged under 18 to take, send or share naked selfies or images of a sexual nature.

  • 17% were not sure of the law.

  • 36% said they or someone they knew had been involved directly or affected by sexting.

  • 40% said they would not know what to do if sexual or naked images were shared with others or used against them.